Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beneficial Tips for Da'wah

Beneficial Tips for Da'wah: Inspired from modern sales promoters.

Are you passionate about opportunities in Dawah?

Then here are some most beneficial methods for Dawah which are inspired from modern sales trainers.

Broadening the Sphere of Influence

Create a list of at least 100 people you know. Send out an introductory
letter telling them about a DVD on Islam or Islamic Seminar. Talk with each
person at least every three months. Send them information of interest at
planned intervals throughout the year. Even if ten percent of them responds to your invitation then it is really 1000% more because they were never in your invitation list.


Dr. Shuab from Peace tv feels that the best dawah opportunity he got was a live open question answer session in one of the local TV channel in Surat, the commercial city of Gujrat India.Initially it was supposed ot be for one hour but it had to be streched for three hours due to over enthuthiasm from the audience.But how did this opporunity come? we were sitting in a stall hired by our colleague Ashraf Mohammady in a locla book exhibition and the TV people spotted us and invited us to their studios.

Seminars are great oppoortunities for Dawah. People who attend your
seminar have an interest in the information you are presenting and a need
for your product (The Holy Qur'an) or service (counselling,financial Aid etc ).It is not neccesary that you have to conduct a seperate seminar always. you can hire a stall in a seminar or an exhibition and take part in it. Like my friend and colleague Ashraf Mohammady who booked a stall in Surat's yearly exhibition and portrays posters of Islam and places three tables for peoeplt o come and sit and just talk about Islam over a cup of tea and biscuits.Can you guess how many people visit his stall? 7000 plus! How many people accept the invitation to Islam is not his responsibilty but he has done a good job in promoting Islam hasn't he? Year after year Ashraf bhai continues his job and propogates the message of Peace.

Seminars and exhibitions offers special advantage in Da'wah. They collect a huge crowd for you. The only precaution that you have to make is to put well trained da'ees to do the PR of Islam other wise it can boomerang.

Mass mailing

Also known as direct marketing. Successful used of this method requires
mailing a well written letter of your Product ( DVD or an Islamic seminar) to a targeted mailing list.


Pay attention to the local news, business and announcements sections.
Look for the people who get promoted, who are in news besides the film stars and sport stars. Choose intellectual class like a collector or an editor or a writer or a principal etc. Approach them and invite them to your seminars.
There may be leads here for your product (seminar or DVD)

Email publications

Getting email addresses of past and current visitors, your sphere of
influence and any one else you come in contact with is a great way to keep
in touch.

- Hairstylist

Most everyone has a barber or hairstylist they use on a regular basis.
When ever I'm in the chair the conversation covers a variety of topics on Islam. You can put your local travels instead of Hair saloon or parent teacher meetings and go ahead with Islamic discussions

- Daily Contacts

Every day when you leave the house take twenty visit cards( make you own visit cards announcing that you are a D'aee of Islam out to remove misconception about Islam and offering free DVDs or translation of Qur'an) with you and make it a point to give them away. That's twenty cards times five
work days. If you're really ambitious, do it on Saturday and Sunday

These are all effective methods of sales lead generation and should be
used regularly in Da'wah too. After all Is'nt Dawa'h a business with Allah?

About the Author: Nisaar Nadiadwala is a trainer in Dawa'h and communication skills.He specialises in public speaking and panel discussion, debates etc . He has trained many aspirant Da'ees to promote the peace vision of Islam. He can be contacted at