Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Power of Media - Think and Act

We all know the growth of BJP (with its Hidutva card) in southern stats. The main reason being their ability to handle the media efficiently.

We Muslims throughout the world are still not able to use the media to counteract mis-propoganda about Islam and Muslims.

But one person from Karnataka has taken a serious effort. Read this article about his achievement. Is there anyone to do the same in Tamil Nadu and in other states.


My kind request is to all able Muslims is to interact with news papers and other medias by writing to them letters and or articles.

Read that article to find out how they misrepresent the news. one example is : When the Muslims collected and sent some amount to Indian Prime Minister for Kargil fund, it was printed in news paper as "Muslims send fund to Nawas Sherif, Pakistan Prime Minister"

Awake dear Muslims, awake, don't waste your time and energy in fighing among ourselves and just forwarding mails from other with out any thingking.


Peer Mohamed