Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hello every body,

A new secular newsportal in the name of is being launched by Oct 15th, Its Beta version is nearly ready. It is going to be different from other media houses as it will be a high quality "just" news portal. As far as possible it will focus on those storeys that are of concern to people, it will provide indepth relevant news. It is hoped that it will be an action oriented news portal which will provide the opportunity

It is not possible to make it a world class news portal without your involvement by giving continuous feedback and appreciating if you like a storey and criticising if you do not like it.

Please bear with us if the site is slow until the final launch by oct 15.

Would highly appreciate that you read the article carefully and give your comments, so that we can rectify the shortcomings in the web portal.

The Web Portal plans to train citizen journalists in a big way. Please "get involved" and help in making an honest effort to have a media which is vibrant.

Akmal Razvi

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