Saturday, January 30, 2010

Interpersonal competencies

Interpersonal competencies :

1. Maintaining composure in interacting even under stress
2. Demonstrating good judgement , poise and maturity in interaction with employees and customers
3. Interpersonal style serving to enhance rather than undermine relationship with others
4. Treating others with respect and dignity
5. Exhibiting empathy seeing things accurately from the emotional perspective of others
Caring about their well being
6. Understanding own feelings and expressing them functionally
7. Showing genuine respect for the wishes , preferences and confidentiality of clients and advocating for them
8. Managing conflict constructively by searching for areas of common agreement
9. Re cognising and acknowledging the feelings of others and demonstrate respect
10. Showing empathy , sees things accurately from the emotional perspective of others and cares about their well being
11. Using formal networks to accomplish task
12. Manages conflicts , dealing with others appropriately in difficult situation
13. Respecting confidentiality and exercising discretion when sharing info
14. Developing and leveraging a network of relationship , contacts with people and institution capable of impacting business performance
15. Using social events to improve and strengthen professional relationship
16. Using the network to identify opportunities , gather market intelligence and seek input into problem with a view to increasing the work effectiveness
17. Participating actively in relevant business forum and taking steps to best represent the organization positively
18. Working effectively with relevant stakeholders to expand common ground and maximize buy in into organizational priorities
19. Understand unique desires and preference of significant others , external bodies and uses personal touch to strengthen key business relationships

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