Thursday, April 15, 2010



No one will manufacture a lock without a key; Similarly God won’t give problems without a solution

If you miss a opportunity don’t fill eyes with tears; It will hide another better opportunity in front of you.

Mistakes are painful when they happen; But year’s latter collection of mistakes is called experience, which leads to success.

Be bold when you lose and be calm when you win.

Heated gold becomes ornament ; Beaten copper becomes wire; Depleted stone becomes statue; So the more pain you get in the life you become more valuable.

Every success person has a painful story; Every painful story has a successful ending; Accept the pain and get ready for success.

If a problem can be solved, no need to worry about it; If a problem cannot be solved, what is the use of worrying?

“Changing the face” can change nothing; But “facing the change” can change everything.

Don’t complain about others; Change yourself if you want peace.

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