Tuesday, September 28, 2010




KALEMAH welcomes parents and children to another exciting semester of

KALEMAH Kids, a weekend Islamic learning program for children.

Program highlights:
- qualified and motivated teachers will help children enjoy learning about Islam,
- improvised curriculum designed for weekend learning, with additional fun activities & effective teaching methods

You will insha’allah notice positive changes in your child.

Registrations close on 5th October 2010, Saturday. Hurry!
To register: click here

Duration: Starting October 9th (Fall 2010)
Time: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM (every Saturday, Dhuhr salaah in jama’aah)
Age Groups: 6-10 (boys), 6-16 (girls)
Venue: Asmaa' bint Al-Nu'maan All-Girls' School, Twar 3, Dubai

Subjects included:
Qur'aan and Du'aa memorisation with meanings.
Seerah- Lessons from lives of the companions & Prophets.
The lives of Noble Messengers of Allah.
Aqeedah- Pillars of Islam, pillars of Imaan, Tawheed,
Glimpses of Islamic History. Islamic Manners. Arts and Crafts
Registration Fee:
Dhs 200 (one-time semester fee and includes transportation + snacks)

Location: KALEMAH, Muhaisanah 3, Dubai
Directions & Map: Click here
Tel: 04 2644115
Email: info@kalemah.org
Web: www.kalemah.org

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