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Why the name 'Kayalpatnam'?

In Tamil, the word Kayal stands for the sea and the adjoining lands. Patnam literally means a city or town. Hence Kayalpatnam refers to the city adjoining the sea. Few towns nearby also carry Kayal as part of their name.

Kayalpatnam has many Masjids. People can pray their prayers without fails in Masjids nearest for them. It has Masjid for each Streets. These include:
Sahib Appa Thaika [Thaika Street]
Masjid-ul-Khabeer [periya khutba palli][1000 Years old Masjid}
Masjid-ul-Sagheer [Siriya khutba palli]
Al Jamiul Azhar Jumma Masjid (In Bazaar)
Magdoom Palli (Built 1050 years ago)
Haji Appa Thaika Palli [available at Main Road and Inaugurated after reconstruction on 28-08-2008; 1428 Shahban 25]
Karpudayaar Palli
Araam Palli
Kadaipalli (consider located very straight to Kaaba)
Kuruvithurai Palli
Marickar Palli
Appa Palli
Kuttiappa Palli
Hafil Ameer Palli
Mela Palli
Shaik Hussain Palli - behind USC ground
Pudhu Palli (Masjithul Jatheeth) (In front of Moghdoom Street)
Arushiya Palli
Mohideen Palli
Koman Palli
Kosumarai (used to be Masjid)
Irattai Kulathu Palli ( Meeqail Mosque)
Ahmed Nainar Palli
Siru Nainar Palli [also called as Kathiriyya kodimara siru nainar palli]
KMT Palli Vasal
Masjid seyyidina BILAL raliyalallahuthala(2009)
and more. And it is also said that there are more than 100 Masjids and mostly having its Historical Monuments.

People can hear the sound of azan during each waqt of prayers with beautiful voices.

Kayal Streets(Alphabetical order)
Aliyar Street
Ambala Maraicar Street
Appapalli Street
Arampalli Street
Azad Street
Bye-pass Road
Cross Street
DCW Colony
Deevu Street
Hajiappa Thaika Street
Jailani Nagar
Kadarkarai Poonga (North)
Kandipichai Thottam
Kattu Thaika Street
Keela Nainar Street
KMK street
Kochiyar Street
Koman Street
KTM street
Kuthukal Street
L.F Road
Magdhoom Street
Mangala Vinayagar Koil Street
Maraicar Palli Street
Maruthuvar Street
Melanesavu Street
Muhyideen Street
Muthraman Koil Street
Muthuwappa Thaika Street
Nainar Street
New Bazaar Street
Parimar Street
Periya Nesavu Street
Quai-e-milleth Nagar
Sadukai Street
Seethakathi Street
Sethuraja Street
Sinna Nesavu Street
Sitthan Street
Sivan Koil Street
Solukkar Street
Thaika Street
Thenga Pandaka Salai
Uchinima Kaalimamman Street
Vandimalaichi Amman Koil Street
Vannakudi Street
Veerasadachi Amman Koil Street
Visalachi Amman Koil Street

If some of the streets are not above listed you can edit by yourself

The town of Kayalpatnam had good philanthropists to promote education amongst not only in Kayalpatnam, but also in the neighboring towns. Some of the leading schools and colleges were promoted by the people from the town. These include:

Islamic Colleges

Muaskar Rahman Women's Arabic College, Cholukkar St.
Ayesha Siddeeka Women's Islamic College
Mahlara Arabic College, Ambala Maricar St.
Zaviya Arabic College, Keemu Kacheri St.
Hamidhiyya Quran Hifl Madhrasa, Muthuwappa Thaika St.
Hamidhiyya Islamic Fundamental Educational Center, Muthuwappa Thaika St.
Malharul Abdeen Islamic Fundamental Educational Center, Thaika St.
Arusul Jannah Women's Arabic College, Deevu Street
Institutes of Kayalpatnam
Central Matriculation Higher Secondary School for Girls
Central Higher Secondary School for Boys
Elkay Higher Secondary School
Government Girls Higher Secondary School
Kamalavati Higher Secondary School
Muhyiddeen Matriculation Higher Secondary School for Boys
Muhyiddeen Matriculation Higher Secondary School for Girls
Thulir Institution For Mentally Disabled Children
Wavoo Wajeeha Women's College of Arts And Science
Zubaida Higher Secondary School For Girls
A good advantage of education here is the students shine excellent in both general studies as well as Islamic studies. We can see lot of Kayal Engineers/Chartered Accountants(one of the most sought pofession for KAYALITES)/ doctors/ graduates across the world, who also did their Haafiz [memorizing the Holy Qur'an] course during their childhood.

Kayal Tamil

Vaapaa = Father
Ummaa = Mother
Kaakaa = Elder Brother
Raathaa / Laathaa = Elder Sister
Chachappa = Paternal Uncle
Chachi = Maternal Aunt
Appaa = Grand Father
Vaapichaa = Paternal Grand Mother
Moomaa / Kannumma / Kammaa = Maternal Grand Mother
Pasaaaru = Break Fast
Pootee = Great Grand Mother
Pootee Appaa = Great Grand Father
Pootan = Great Grand Son
Ootee = Great Great Grand Mother
Ootee Appaa = Great Great Grand Father
Ootan = Great Great Grand Son
Aanam = Gravy
Puliaanam = Tamarind Water (Rasam)
Valanthu = Utensils
Nasuvu (as in Nasuvuraan) = Cheating
Vaanaa/Maana = (I) Don't Want
Eekithu = It is there/Available
Appittaa/Appittan = (She/he) has grabbed (it)
Sepaale = Stupid
pacha hayathu = Innocent
Moandhu = Kiss
Baangu = Any of Five Times obligatory prayer call
Adupaangara = Kitchen
Peethuraan = Being Proud
Jeyppu = Pocket
Angana Kulley = Somewhere there
Ingana Kulley = Somewhere here
Kadavaapotti = A basket made of palm leaves - used to carry grocery edibles
Kuththuppanium = Sweet lozenges
Palkuthi = Spleen
Maangaa = Kidney
Avantharai = Danger
Jaans = Gents Drawing Room
Vootankilai = Ladies Drawing Room
Thatotty = Terrace
Vattilappam = Egg Pudding
Sadavaa Irukuthu = Feeling Lazy
Navulu/Navunduko = Move/Give Way
Mudukku = Lane (in between houses)
Kaluvu = wash (used for both clothes,utensils; word 'thuvai' is not used) Kanambo = much more

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