Sunday, March 14, 2010

Riyadh Tamil-speaking Mouvlavi’s Association

There is no doubt that time is of great importance in Islam and it has a special importance in the life of a Muslim as it is in reality the life and age of a person. If time is lost, subsequently the life of a person is lost. In His Book, Allaah made clear the importance of time as He swore by some parts of time in verses like Al-Fajr, Al-Asr, Al-Layl, Al-Nahaar. The Prophet drew our attention to the importance of time as he said: "People are losers in respect of two bounties, i.e. health and free time" [Al-Bukhaari].

This is the privilege for those who want to spend some time to seek knowledge.

The Riyadh Tamil-speaking Mouvlavi’s Association informs you with pleasure about the Islamic studies classes…They intend starting Classes as quickly as they can as it will take about 3 Months to complete One level/Stage. There fore, your early reply is awaited.
Location will be in Malaz… and to be notified in due Course

The subjects are –

1] Al Tawheed [the Islamic monotheiesm]
2] Al Hadeedh
3] Al Fiqh

The classes are for both Males & Females

Please enroll your self with

Moulavi Mafhoom 0504 150 737, Moulavi Zafarullah 0567 148 958 Moulavi Ramzan Faris 0507 129 963, Moulavi Rashad 0502 451 788

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